Key Benefits


Pine Straw


*Pine straw is an excellent ground cover and inhibits  
  weed growth better than other mulches.

*Pine straw holds the moisture in the soil and around
  the plants longer than other mulches.

*Pine straw prevents erosion and will not wash away
  during heavy rainfall.

*Pine straw displays its beautiful red color longer,
  therefore cutting the cost necessary for refurbishing.

*Pine straw is nature's resource, is organic in
  composition and does not contain dangerous chemicals.
*Pine Straw production requires no tree cutting,   
  therefore does not interrupt nature or the environment.

*Pine straw is more cost efficient than other mulches,
  because of its convenient bale packaging, making it
  easier to disperse and handle.

*Pine straw has a ph of 3.9 to 4.4. It doesn't alter the ph
  of the soil, thus allowing new plants to develop and
  grow deeper and healthier root systems.

We guarantee the quality of our pine straw and personally stand behind our product.